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Anti Drone System

What are some of the #nice things drones do? In addition to drone defense, drones can assist with emergency responses, humanitarian aid and disaster relief, conservation of worldwide wildlife, disease control, healthcare, agriculture, airlines and much more!

Evolving on the ground, as drone technology advances above. We’re pioneering the safe integration of drones into society.

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Our Products

We are Offering plateform to list defense related products from small business to sell in diffrent markets, and a common plateform to find best of technology for army, airforce and Naval.

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Aviation Drones

Drones and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) are what we do. We have information on remote identification, The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST), advanced drone operations, and the future AAM ecosystem.

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EOD Bomb disposal Robotic Vehicle

TALONs are widely deployed for improvised explosive device (IED) and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), econnaissance, communications, CBRN , HAZMAT, security, heavy lift, defense and rescue missions.
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Ballistic Jacket

Thorium has designed bulletproof jackets (BPJ) to meet the requirements of the Defence Forces, Paramilitary Forces and Dignitaries. These are modular and meet all requirements ofArmed Forces and other Security Forces deployed in high threat operational environments.

Ballastic Helmet

Teijin delivers the best protective headgear materials and solutions for your customers. Enhanced comfort, agility and performance for the wearer. Guarantee of reliability.

IR Scanner

FeverWarn is ideally designed and positioned to offer advantages in self-service monitoring, proven accuracy, data storage and USB outputs all at a reasonable price and easy installation over alternative thermal scanners. 

Mortar System

Mortar Systems’ battle-proven mortar systems deliver effective fire support by combining accurate mortar fire and maneuverability. 

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General: We find a lots of good products here for our soldiers to become smart and intelligent and also time saving for them

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we procured from these guys about all military medical and all other simulation tools

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As a drone supplier to this firm, always found these people are very enthusiastic about technology and always choose best from all.

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We started off as a group of passionate personalities, well-driven to build strong and bring advanced and more innovative technologies that make our people smarter. Thorium Technologies Pvt Ltd. is dedicated to empowering everyone with accessible and advanced technological solutions to uplift their living standards. Also, we at Thorium are committed to helping our government to become capable of implementing their policies easily using advanced technologies and upgrading their standards in the fields of Education, Defence, Health, Finance, etc.